What is CATCH?

An innovative concept created to allow commuters access to news, sports, weather, offers & entertainment on their personal device.

How do I access CATCH?

It’s Easy! Just connect to the Free Wi-Fi when you are in the bus and open your browser. You’ll be able to reach our partners' content from there.

What content can I access?

You can access news, sports, weather, offers & entertainment from different partners.

Will my mobile data be consumed?

No. When you access the app you are utilising a FREE network. This means you won’t be using any data from your mobile plan.

I’ve accessed the app before but now it won’t open?

Go to your predefined browser and look in your recent history. You should be able to find a link to catch.instantapp.mobi which will take you back to CATCH.

How often is the content updated?

Frequency depends on each partner updating monthly, weekly and even daily! CATCH delivers new and updated content as often as possible to keep you entertained.

How does the Daily Instant Win work?

Submit your details to enter the competition and you will receive a message indicating if you have won a prize in your personal e-mail. Once you have followed the steps, the CATCH team will post your prize to your designated address.

The app wont pop up when I open my browser

Go to your device settings > Network > CATCH WiFi and click on Forget network. Connect again to CATCH WiFi and you should be able to access the app automatically. Alternatively, open the predefined browser of your device e.g. Safari if you use IOS.

How can I access CATCH quickly each time I CATCH the bus?

Next time you launch the CATCH app, save it in your bookmarks. You’ll be able to reach the app straight away after you connect to the CATCH network every time.